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Student Life at UMBC

Student Life at UMBC significantly shapes the student experience. From getting involved in campus events to joining student organizations, from exploring diverse cultures to learning about spiritual practices, from shaping new leaders to serving local communities, from fraternity and sorority bonds to Student Government board meetings - students create Student Life. Students are the reason for it, they make it happen, and they create it with their passions, ideas, dialogues, and programs. Through involvement in the countless student activities, students have the opportunities to meet new people, try new things, and engage in learning opportunities that complement their academic experiences.

We help students connect their passions and make dreams a reality. Students contribute in many important ways, and we are here to be inspired by them and lead with them to make our campus community even more vibrant.

Student Life is one of many campus departments which form the Division of Student Affairs.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission: Student Life works with students, student organizations and other campus partners to create a welcoming campus environment with intentional, inspiring opportunities for students to learn and grow.
Our Vision: UMBC students and graduates will be holistically healthy, authors of their own lives, and effective leaders and members of diverse communities.

Core Values

Student Life fosters a student-centered, diverse and interactive learning environment by engaging students and encouraging them to become active, civic-minded members of the campus and larger community. Serving with an ethic of care, we are guided by the following core values:

  • Civic Responsibility
  • Diversity and Inclusiveness
  • Innovative, Quality-Driven Programs and Services
  • Leadership
  • Sense of Community, Pride, and Tradition
  • Student Involvement and Engagement

Our Goals

A person's orientation to self and others is difficult to evaluate directly. But people's thoughts and beliefs are reflected in their behavior. The goals we seek as an office encompass student behaviors consistent with a healthy orientation to self and others. These behaviors include:

Acting with Authenticity

Students explore and act on their interests, passions, and areas for improvement. Their actions reflect a greater sense of self and the possibilities for shaping their world.

Acting with an Ethic of Care

Students treat themselves and others with respect, civility, dignity, and empathy.

Engaging and Connecting with Community

Students are actively involved in the shaping of their community, locally and globally. They recognize their interconnectedness and see themselves both individually and as part of "us".

Exploring and Embracing Diversity

Students actions reflect that they embrace difference as a source of knowledge, strength, and richness of life.

Leading with Integrity

Students affect change and take responsibility for their actions as leaders. Students demonstrate the communication, problem solving, negotiation, ethical decision-making and other skills necessary to move people and ideas into action.

Acting on Curiosity

Students are adventurous in seeking and exploring opportunities that contribute to their growth and development.

Achieving a Healthy Balance

Students live in a way that promotes emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual, environmental and social well-being.

Making Good Use of Ethical Reasoning

Students make thoughtful, careful, respectful decisions and take ownership of their actions. They are rational and just in their actions.