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Academic Course Offerings

Student Life partners with academic departments to offer leadership courses for academic credit.

Foundations of Leadership Development (EDUC 216/PSYC 216)

A 3-credit leadership course offered every fall and spring semester. This course helps develop as effective, ethical leaders. Students learn principles and practices of leadership, and have opportunities to put what they are learning into practice. It is a highly interactive course featuring extensive in-class discussion. Students learn to better understand themselves, develop intercultural competence, communicate effectively in group settings, develop an ethical decision-making process, value civic engagement and actively apply leadership skills.

Any questions about this course? Contact Corinne Janet at cjanet@umbc.edu.

Civic Agency and Social Entrepreneurship (POLI 205/AMST 205/SOCY 205)

A 3-credit course offered every Fall semester. This course empowers and prepares students to work effectively in their communities, social groups and democracy to initiate and achieve social change. Students analyze and evaluate prevailing ideas about effective citizenship, activism, service and politics, learn new skills, and work in groups to develop practical plans for campus and community change. Guest speakers include top campus leaders and change-agents. Projects emerging from this class have made a real impact at UMBC, so bring your imagination and your community spirit.

Have a question about this course? Contact David Hoffman at dhoffman@umbc.edu.

STRiVE Leadership Retreat

STRiVE is an intensive, engaging and exhilarating off-campus retreat (5 days, 4 nights) developed by Student Life to help students become more effective leaders on campus and throughout their lives. The STRiVE planning team (consisting of UMBC students and faculty/staff) believes EVERYONE can develop leadership skills and abilities. STRiVE participants learn about themselves, make new friends, reflect on values and ethics, work in teams to develop practical plans for making a difference on campus and in society, and tackle both simulated and real leadership challenges. This retreat is great way to become a part of the UMBC leadership community.

STRiVE is open for all undergrad students to apply. The deadline to apply is typically in early November and STRiVE takes place in mid-January.

LeadingOrgs Retreat

Are you a student organization officer (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Event Planner, etc.)? Student Life invites you to jumpstart your student organization by participating in LeadingOrgs, a fantastic on-campus, all-day leadership retreat designed specifically to meet the needs of student organization officers. During LeadingOrgs, officers from various student organizations receive training in several aspects of leadership and teamwork, learn more about the resources available to student organizations, and make new and lasting connections with other student leaders.

Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK)

ODK is a prestigious national leadership honor society founded in 1914. ODK recognizes juniors, seniors and graduate students at UMBC who have demonstrated excellence across five major areas of collegiate life: scholarship; athletics; social, service, religious and governance activities; mass media and journalism; and creative and performing arts. Applications are available towards the middle of the spring semester. Learn more about ODK

First Year Council (FYC)

FYC is a leadership development organization for new students which meets every Friday to develop ways to support students and promote school spirit. Previous FYC actions include developing the first Homecoming Bonfire, giving feedback to campus administrators, and creating resources to help new students navigate UMBC. Anyone can apply to FYC by being nominated by a student organization.

Leadership Advisory Committee

The Leadership Advisory Committee consists of a group of students who want to improve leadership development opportunities for all UMBC students. Goals of the organization are to assess the need for leadership learning, brainstorm new learning opportunities, and plan and facilitate leadership retreats.

Join the Conversation

Contact Corinne Janet, Coordinator for Leadership Development & Education, at cjanet@umbc.edu or (410) 455-2318.