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Retriever Weekly


Objectively and accurately informing the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (henceforth ‘UMBC’) campus community of events and issues that directly affect individual campus groups or the campus as a whole, providing a forum for the various and diverse points of view in the UMBC campus community, including points of view that may contradict official or mainstream points of view, providing the members of The Retriever Weekly staff with the opportunity to learn and develop personal, leadership, and media-related skills in a functional and professional work environment, and maintaing a staff, organizational structure and operating policies and procedures necessary to provide the UMBC campus community with a quality student newspaper.



Editor-in-Chief: Tahsin Khan
E-mail: tkhan3@umbc.edu

Managing Editor : Morgan Mullings
E-mail: m132@umbc.edu

Business Manager : Rhajni Gooden
E-mail: goo1@umbc.edu

Production Manager: Nina Enagonio
E-mail: ninae1@umbc.edu


Christophe Corbett
E-mail: corbett@umbc.edu

Khaleel Ismail
E-mail: kismail1@umbc.edu