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Phi Kappa Sigma


Promoting good fellowship and the cultivation of the social virtues among its Members; protecting the just rights and the advancement of the best interests, present and future, individual and collective, of all those who shall be associated together as Members of the Fraternity; encouraging good scholarship and breadth of training for its Members; and cooperating in the educational and cultural programs of institutions of higher education in which chapters are located.


Alpha: John Gordon
E-mail: gordon8@umbc.edu

Beta: Kevin Kelleher
E-mail: kellehe1@umbc.edu

Tau: Clark Brill
E-mail: cbrill1@umbc.edu

Sigma: Andres Burgos
E-mail: anbu1@umbc.edu

Social Chair (Psi): James Rogers
E-mail: jamrog1@umbc.edu


Cory Bosco
E-mail: cbosco@umbc.edu