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Multicultural Greek Council


Promoting multicultural awareness, serving as a support system by encouraging unity and better understanding for those involved in the Multicultural Greek Council, partaking in cultural, social, educational, political, and philanthropic activities, supporting upcoming Multicultural Greeks by attending events and working collaboratively, promoting working relations between all existing Greek councils at UMBC and the UMBC community, promoting scholarly excellence, community service, educational, and social programs, and abiding by the regulations and policies of this constitution as well as the regulations and policies of the University.


President: Catherine Lin
E-mail: cat23@umbc.edu

Vice-president: Collette Dodd
E-mail: rw92818@umbc.edu

Treasurer: Ashley Batista
E-mail: as21@umbc.edu

Secretary: Prachi Kochar
E-mail: prach1@umbc.edu


Cory Bosco
E-mail: cbosco@umbc.edu