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Arab Student Union


Offering an environment where Arab-American and non-Arab students can express, explore, and engage in the Middle Eastern Culture. By doing so, this organization plans to contribute to the diversity of UMBC, and diversify it even more. We are planning parties, movie nights, and other events that are themed around the Middle Eastern Culture. To also further the diversity of our group, we plan to work with other organizations.



President: Rakan El-Mayta
E-mail: elmayta1@umbc.edu

Vice-president: Lana Fakhry
E-mail: lfakhry1@umbc.edu

Treasurer: Jessica Demirji
E-mail: jdemirj1@umbc.edu

Secretary: Rita Younes
E-mail: ritay1@umbc.edu

Events Coordinator 1: Amanda Ali
E-mail: amandaa3@umbc.edu

Events Coordinator 2: none
E-mail: Unknown@umbc.edu

Public Relations Officer: Summer Mills
E-mail: mills5@umbc.edu


Samir El Omari
E-mail: samir1@umbc.edu