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Retrievers for Animal Welfare and Sustainability


Providing a community for vegans, vegetarians, students who are interested in improving their diets to help animals and the environment, and students with any dietary preference to attend social events and engage in grassroots activism. We aim to advocate for abused animals in our food system, and inform students about the serious issues associated with animal agriculture.



President: Sarah Pollock
E-mail: spollock95@umbc.edu

Vice-president: Jamshaid Shahir
E-mail: shahir1@umbc.edu

Treasurer: Emily Thomas
E-mail: emily29@umbc.edu

Secretary: Rima Sakhawala
E-mail: rima1@umbc.edu

Social Media/Outreach Assistant: Christine Chang
E-mail: chricha1@umbc.edu


Cindy Greenwood
E-mail: cindyg@umbc.edu