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Student Alumni Association


providing students with the opportunity to network with alumni, build a stronger sense of belonging to the UMBC community, and foster a sense of school spirit and tradition at UMBC. Students will learn the benefits of being Retrievers for life through gaining an awareness of the relationship between alumni and the University. This group will also help alumni understand how they can best connect with and help current students. The SAA has a direct connection to the UMBC Alumni Association, a network of successful professionals who have the knowledge and experience to help students succeed.



President: John O'Brien
E-mail: obrienj@umbc.edu

Vice-president: Karndeep Singh
E-mail: ksingh5@umbc.edu

Treasurer: Daniel Duarte
E-mail: danie7@umbc.edu

Secretary: Michael Metler
E-mail: mmetler1@umbc.edu

Director of Member Relations: Jake Fedorczyk
E-mail: jakefed1@umbc.edu

Historian: Ahad Asim
E-mail: aasim1@umbc.edu


Jessica Wyatt
E-mail: jwy@umbc.edu

John O'Brien
E-mail: obrienj@umbc.edu