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Rifle and Pistol Club (Firearm Safety and Education)


1) To support and practice the constitutional rights of the people to keep and bear arms. 2) To educate students about responsible gun ownership, and develop marksmanship skills. 3) To coordinate the interests of all students who enjoy rifle, pistol and/or shooting. 4) To promote and introduce Civilian Marksmanship Programs (CMP) and the rich history of shooting sports. 5) To encourage interest in participation in firearms activies by all, and especially minorities, women and students.



President: Jonathan Danko
E-mail: danko1@umbc.edu

Vice-president: Ryan Brown
E-mail: rbrow1@umbc.edu

Treasurer: Austin Gorrell
E-mail: joseph39@umbc.edu

Secretary: Joseph Delatte
E-mail: delatte1@umbc.edu

Armorer/Safety Officer: Curtis Jones
E-mail: cjones19@umbc.edu


Hank Mink
E-mail: hmink@umbc.edu