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Circus Arts Club


Giving UMBC students the opportunity to learn and participate in a new activity that helps lower stress levels and improve motor skills while meeting new friends! Circus Arts Club is a club in which members will meet at least once a week in a casual setting and practice, learn, and teach circus arts; including Hooping, Juggling, Diaboloing, and Spinning Poi. Anyone interested in learning or sharing their knowledge is welcome as long as they have an open and non-judgmental mind.



Ringleader: Victoria Taylor
E-mail: vtaylor1@umbc.edu

Lioness: Abigail Warran
E-mail: warran1@umbc.edu

Money Bags: Cody Petenbrink
E-mail: codyp2@umbc.edu

Sacred Scribe: Zachary Johnson
E-mail: johnso4@umbc.edu

International Hoop Ambassador : Maurice Hickey
E-mail: mhickey1@umbc.edu


Mark Marten
E-mail: marten@umbc.edu