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The Garden


Seeking to reimagine the role of higher education in addressing problems of the world through the creation and engagement of our food garden that enables creativity in: research, applied learning, campus-community partnerships, pedagogy, social equity, diversity, and food sovereignty.



Co-President I: Hannah Paul
E-mail: hpaul1@umbc.edu

Vice-president: Dakota Robey
E-mail: md52933@umbc.edu

Treasurer: Genevieve Ahearn
E-mail: ahearn2@umbc.edu

Secretary: Valerie Lee
E-mail: vallee1@umbc.edu

Campus Liaison: Semir Abdul
E-mail: sabdu1@umbc.edu

Community Service Chair: Zachary Pohuski
E-mail: pohuski1@umbc.edu

Social Media Chair: Thomas Eliason
E-mail: the3@umbc.edu


Eric Brown
E-mail: ebrown@umbc.edu