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Pre-Physician Assistant Society


Promoting awareness of the Physician Assistant (PA) career. We want to explain the roles and duties of a PA and describe the entry requirements for PA school. We aim for students to start thinking about PA school from the start of their college career and open up opportunities to talk to PA school representatives.



Co-President I: Anna Cook
E-mail: acook3@umbc.edu

Vice-president: Olivia Orr
E-mail: oolivia1@umbc.edu

Treasurer: Emily So
E-mail: eso2@umbc.edu

Secretary: Disha Sud
E-mail: sudisha1@umbc.edu

Co-President II: Mersedeh Khozin
E-mail: kh11@umbc.edu

Historian: Sheena Patel
E-mail: sheenap1@umbc.edu

Public Relations Officer: Han Nguyen
E-mail: nguhan1@umbc.edu


Ericka Thompson
E-mail: egibbs@umbc.edu