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Create With Care


Engaging in hands on activities (make care packages, connect with organizations outside of campus, raise money and collect items for various drives, interact with actual patients, etc) that will encourage UMBC community involvement in raising awareness about cancer and other diseases and its effect on individuals. This organization focuses on engaging students from a social perspective by bringing an understanding of not only the physiology behind the diseases, but the profound influence they can have on an average person’s life. This is fundamental for a university such as UMBC that has a strong focus on STEM education – by engaging students in a scientific topic from a social and emotional approach; we are bringing light to a necessary, yet understated facet of disorders and diseases. We hope that hands-on, active involvement in the community will help in doing so.



President: Benedicta Gomes
E-mail: beneg1@umbc.edu

Vice-president: Yong Jiang
E-mail: yjiang2@umbc.edu

Treasurer: Jessly Joy
E-mail: jesslyj1@umbc.edu

Secretary: Chloe Just
E-mail: chloe2@umbc.edu

Ambassador of Public Relations: Hannah Paul
E-mail: hpaul1@umbc.edu


Julie Murphy
E-mail: jamurphy@umbc.edu