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Lending a Helping Paw


Serving animals in need at shelters and rescues. We will volunteer our time to helping these animals through services that we can provide to the rescues and shelters. We will also do fundraising in order to help support the shelters and rescues that care for the animals. Our goal is to improve the lives of abandoned and homeless animals but also to become more caring and selfless people as we offer our service to the animals that rely on us.



President: Alyssa Hockaday
E-mail: alyssah1@umbc.edu

Vice-president: Bryan Baek
E-mail: oy62818@umbc.edu

Treasurer: Lydia Navarrete'
E-mail: lydia13@umbc.edu

Secretary: Casey Gardner
E-mail: wd84292@umbc.edu


Tate Redding
E-mail: redding@umbc.edu