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Living Poets Socety


Allowing students to express themselves through various forms of art such as poetry and short stories. Additionally it is meant for students to improve their work by peer editing and open discussion among members. This club will also hold open mic sessions to allow students and faculty, members or not, to read allowed in a public session.



President: Ryan Manceri
E-mail: ryanman1@umbc.edu

Vice-president: Abigail Warran
E-mail: warran1@umbc.edu

Treasurer: Goureesh Paranjpe
E-mail: gp3@umbc.edu

Secretary: Samuel Manas
E-mail: samanas1@umbc.edu

Social Chair: Bradley Ingram
E-mail: bradley.ingram@umbc.edu


Michael Fallon
E-mail: fallon@umbc.edu