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The Communicators


Improving one’s communication, public speaking, and leadership skills. We will help you get involved first with a small icebreaker to introduce you to the club. The club will help you organize your speech, get to the point, and convey your message more easily. We will enhance your message through body language, use of vocal variety, topic research, and use of visual aids in order to innovate and inspire your audience. Now is the time to join! The longer you wait, the more opportunities you will miss out on. Communication is key to networking and success in a job environment.



President: Tong Jia(Tony)
E-mail: tonjia1@umbc.edu

Vice-president: Yiqing Ruan
E-mail: yiqing1@umbc.edu

Treasurer: Shannon Khalid
E-mail: skhalid1@umbc.edu

Secretary: Ying Liang(Helen)
E-mail: liang3@umbc.edu

Vice President: Fanqi Wu
E-mail: w.fanqi@umbc.edu


Diane Crump-Fogle
E-mail: crump@umbc.edu