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Global Studies Council of Majors


Representing and promoting the Global Studies major on campus. It acts as an arena for the exchange of ideas between the faculty and student body, as well as among the students themselves. The Global Studies Council of Majors strives to provide the campus population with opportunities to get informed about and involved in the growing field of Global Studies through the organization of events and workshops related to the field.



Outreach Coordinator: Stephanie Barnaba
E-mail: barnaba1@umbc.edu

Public Relations Coordinator: Madeline Dement
E-mail: mdement1@umbc.edu

Fundraising Coordinator: Nathaniel Stewart
E-mail: n49@umbc.edu

Student Liaison: Sophia Lopresti
E-mail: soph3@umbc.edu


Rhyner Washburn
E-mail: Rhyner1@umbc.edu