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Service at UMBC

Service and volunteerism offer unique and meaningful ways to get involved, learn about social issues, build skills, make new connections, and act intentionally to better your local and global communities. Service at UMBC is a gateway to deep, lifelong involvement in solving social problems and making meaningful, sustainable contributions to the common good. Our programs connect students with the wider community, deepen learning, foster positive action, empower leaders and contribute to a culture of innovation.

We encourage and support many forms of community engagement including philanthropy, activism, social entrepreneurship, advocacy, direct service, and more! Learn. Take action. Get involved!

How can I get involved in service?

Consider how you can get involved with your community by exploring a few of the service resources listed below to find what best fits your interests and your schedule. You can choose from many options, including short-term and long-term service projects.

  • Visit the UMBC Serves group page for upcoming service events and opportunities, including one day events!
  • Visit the Graduate Coordinator for Service and Volunteerism and the Service Intern in the Student Involvement Center (Commons 2B24) or email them at UMBCserves@umbc.edu to talk about your interests and learn about opportunities to take action in your community!
  • Participate in one of UMBC's Alternative School Break trips to work with other passionate volunteers, delve deeply into social issues and make meaningful contributions.
  • Sign up for the Alternative School Break Development Team! Positions available are: Trip Development Leader, Budget Manager, Marketing/Advertising Manager, Secretary.
  • Get your student organization involved by sponsoring one of the campus blood drives.
  • Learn how to create an interactive and educational awareness project around a social issue.
  • Join a service-oriented student organization: view the List of Student Organizations and check out the Service and Social Action category.
  • Sign up for Service Learning Placements through UMBC's Shriver Center
  • Check out BreakingGround, a campus-wide social innovation initiative bringing together students, faculty and staff making a difference on campus and beyond.